Down and Away

After I had seen the brilliant gig of "Down And Away" in Leipzig supporting "Duane Peters & The Hunns" it was clear that we had to make an interview with this band. So I quickly thought of some less stupid questions, send an E-mail to the band and already a few days later we had the following interview together. Thanks at this place to DAA for the interview and best wishes for 2002.

Down & Away Down & Away

A: First of all can you tell us something about the line-up of the band and from which part of Sweden you are from ?

DAA: All the members of the band are from the little city ASKERSUND (50 km south of Orebro) Line -up: effe 23 guitar/backup vocals, max-ali 22 lead vocals/guitar, cupless 20 bass/ backup vocals, monky 19 drums.

A: In Germany a lot of people compare "Down And Away" with bands like "Voice Of A Generation" or "The Bombshell Rocks". Would you say that this comparison makes it easier for you to gain popularity or would you rather see it as a disadvantage ?

Down & Away Down & Away

DAA: If people compare us with those bands we like it, because they are two really good bands. But we don't know if we gain popularity by that… do we??

A: Max-Ali, you are also the singer of "Voice Of A Generation". Would you describe one of the bands as a side-project or do both of the bands have the same importance to you ?

DAA: max-ali (marky madness) left Voice Of A Generation in December 2001 and the only band he's in is Down And Away.

A: Some weeks ago you guys were on tour with "Duane Peters And The Hunns". How did you like cruisin` with Duane and how did you get together? Did you go skateboarding and drinking together or did you see each other only for the gigs?

Down & Away Down & Away

DAA: We liked The Hunns very much and we hanged out a lot with them, but not drinking because they don't drink!!. We became good friends with them and we are probably supporting them on their next European tour 2002.

A:Your latest record "Who`s Got The Deliverance!?" was released on the German "Rockstar Records" label, which is, as far as I know, quite a tiny German record-label. How did you get together and why didn't you choose for example " Hellcat-Records" where "Voice Of A Generation" released their records?

DAA: Effe was merchguy for VOAG on their European tour 2000 and gave Rockstar Records a DAA demo. And VOAG is NOT on Hellcat-Records they are on Burningheart-Records, and we have not tried very hard to sign a bigger label.

Down & Away

A: As far as I understood ,you, Max-Ali during your gig in Leipzig, "Who's Got The Deliverance!?" is not your first record. How many records have you guys released before, where are they available and are they different in style from your latest album?

DAA: We have released 3 "demo-CD's" but they are not available anymore. But in December 2001 we released a 7" EP on French label Dirty Punk Records. And we are going to be on some compilations during 2002.

A: "Who`s Got The Deliverance!?" seems to be a very serious, critical and political album, to judge from the cover of the CD. Would you describe yourself as a political punk band ?

DAA: No not political, maybe more like a critical band. You don't have to be very political to see that there is many problems in the world.

A: I read somewhere that one member of the band is a really big fan of Johnny Cash. Who is it and what do you like about him and his music?

DAA: The whole DAA like Johnny more or less, the music Cash makes is timeless and really "Kick-Ass-Swinging-Country" that makes you feel good!

A: Any future plans for the band and any last comment ?

DAA: We hope to tour in Germany soon again, and hopefully put out another album later this year or early next year, on some label…….