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The Generatorz vs. Axel via Email

Thanx to the band that we may use their CD pics here!

Axel: When did you start to make music and when did you form the Generatorz ?

Fred: I started in bands in about 1987 1987 in a band called "Ripping Jacks" that later became "Sons of Pride" without me, then i played in "Shocktroops" 94-96,and then "The Generatorz" started in february 97.

The Generatorz A: As far as I know your original line up on the "Oi! Letīs Go Canada" compilation consisted of three members only and you Jon joined the band later. When did you join the band and how did you get together?

Jon: I was in a band called "Jinx" with Manon and Sebastien before, the band also had 2 other people in it and broke up in 96. I was living outside of Montreal when Manon, Fred and Seb started the generatorz...when i moved back to Montreal they were looking for a lead guitarist so they asked me, the rest is history..

A: On your new CD "Straight Outta Sin City" you slightly changed the spelling of your name from "Generators" to "Generatorz" . Was this a misprint or for what reasons did you change the spelling of your name ?

Fred: It's not a misprint of course...we changed the name because of the american band called the generatorS. Their album was out before ours, so we decided to change the name to generatorZ. We had already been together for two years when we found out that there was another band with the same name.. it's the same with shocktroops, we found out way later that there was once a german band also called shocktroops,in the 80's i think...

Drummer A: Jon, on some of the photographs of the CD you are wearing the typical Clockwork-Skinhead outfit, white jeans and a bowler hat. What does the book or the film "A Clockwork Orange" mean to you and how often have you seen the film or read the book ?

Jon: the first time i saw it i was about 12 or 13 and i didn't really understand it..but i lked the violence...and then as i saw it later on and was able to understand it a lot better having been put in an institution for juveniles myself, then i really liked it!! i've seen the movie about 25 times. Read the book twice..

A) Fred, as you were a member of one of my favourite bands the "Shock Troops" I have to ask you some questions about this band too. The "Shock Troops" split after the release of their first LP. What were the reasons for the split and why did you reform the band for just one final concert last year ?

Fred: Shocktroops broke up because Xavier(the guitariste who also was in banlieue rouge) wanted to leave the band to start a family and not live this crazy lifestyle and Xavier started the band together so I couldn't replace him and keep playing without him....
Bassman We played last year for the "oi! fest" in Montreal for the fun of it,the people who were organizing the festival asked us and we said yes. We're all still friends so we don't mind re-playing for the fun of it.

A) On the "Fun and Fury "- LP there was also a woman singing. But neither her photograph nor her name appear on the cover. Who was the female singer ? Was it Manon?

Fred: Yes it was Manon. When we recorded fun and fury we were already broken up(we didn't want to loose all the songs that we had written so we recorded the album) and i had already started playing in The we asked Manon to sing two parts on the album.

A: The motto of the "Shock Troops" on the "Oi! Letīs Go Canada" compilation was "Destroy Politics - Unity Now !" Can you tell us something about this motto?

Fred: At the time this comp was put out, there was a lot of people in our scene(montreal) that were in all kinds of different political views like sharp traditional,red,anarchist, a bit more to the right, a bit more to the left....
It's still like this today... what I meant by that was ..that all the people that are non-racist and are involved in the scene should stop fighting each other for different views and unite instead of fighting each other.
At one point we had like 5 different "gangs" of skinheads that were all non-racists but they all hated each other, what's the point?

A) Now back to "The Generatorz".
What do you guys do if you do not make music together Do you have any favourite sports events where you go to like ice-hockey or soccer?

Fred: No we just drink!!! We're not big hockey fans..only when there's a riot.. Skinheads here don't really support any teams. People have tried to get something started many times in the past but it never lasts.. If we went to a soccer match here, there would be nobody on the other side to fight. So no point. At a hockey match the fighting is between the players not in the stadiums... Hockey is very popular here but not that much with skins or punks. When we don't play music when just go out to punk and oi nights or go to concerts or drink in a park or have b.b.q...

Manon A: Your CD was produced by Mad Butcher/KOB. How did you get into contact with this Italian/German label?

Fred: Mike from mad butcher records came to Montreal with Klasss Kriminale and we played with them, he saw us play and asked us to be on the label.

A: Your song "Americanīt" is about problems you, Manon, had entering the U.S. Despite these problems have you guys already had the chance to play in the U.S.?

Fred: Only once for a contest in Boston. Because of our problems with the border it's hard for us. Manon lived in New York City for ten years and she has warants, if we go she's taking the risk of getting arrested at the border. Me and Jon both have criminal records wich makes it hard to get accross the u.s border.They are very strict and have the right to refuse entry to anyone even without reasons.This is shit!

A: Which bands and which musicians have influenced your music and with which bands would you like to go on tour with?

Fred: We have a lot of influences....let's see...The Clash, Cockney Rejects, The Business, Dead Boys, Joan Jett, Komintern Sect, Hard Skin, Misfits, Last Stand, Camera Silens, Newtown Neurotics, name a few. A: Have you made any plans for concerts in Germany ?

Fred: We have been invited to go tour in europe by mad butcher but for now we don't have the money for the plane tickets. So probably next year. I hope so!!

A: Many thanks for the interview and allowing us to use the
photographs on your CD for the interview.